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Just speaking from my own experience with personal training and outdoor fitness, I can tell you that dropping the kilos and toning up your body is a fantastic experience – with results that really pay off and can be seen by yourself and others almost immediately.

A couple of things, though: results will appear to come fast and speedy at first, as the inches fall away from your waist and start firming up your legs, arms and abs; you will find yourself feeling better and brighter and eating well.

The downside? It can be a little habit-forming!

Personally, I love it – getting up in the morning and rushing to join my local fitness group, with the personal trainers on hand to help me reach my targets for that session or that week – even though the lesson itself can be hard and punishing while I am doing it.

Read on, and by all means contact us here or leave a comment, and let’s all get up to speed with daily fitness!
-Daney Speed