Tips on Choosing the Right Shoes for Group Fitness

Have you recently joined a Coogee group fitness and are you now wondering what type of sportswear you will need? If you have been a regular fitness freak all along, chances are you already have your fair share of sports clothes and shoes. However, the exercises at a Coogee group fitness may differ slightly from what you are generally used to. If this is the first time you are going to be working out in a Coogee group fitness it might make sense to choose your sports gear wisely. Here’s what you should keep in mind when choosing shoes,

Test A Potential Pair
Most people buy recommended jogging or walking shoes off the shelves and use them in the gym as well. Shoes are made with slightly different soles to serve different purposes. Never make the mistake of buying a shoe without trying it on. Furthermore, when buying sports shoes, ensure that you test it not just by walking but by jumping, walking and running in it. If it doesn’t pinch you or hurt / bite anywhere, then it is probably worth the money.

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Heavy Cushioning
If you are confused or ignorant about the kind of exercises at a Coogee group fitness ask your trainer. Once you know the kind of exercises you are going to be performing, it will be easier to buy a good pair of shoes. Ideally, for fitness purposes, shoes with heavy cushioning would work well because it will be more comfortable to lift, jump, run and exercise in. The heavier the cushioning, the costlier may be the shoe, but it will be worth it because your comfort will matter at the end of the day. You wouldn’t want to have sore feet after all.

Don’t Compromise
Don’t compromise on price or quality. Good quality sneakers or sports shoes will cost more than your average slip-ons. But if you spend once on a good pair, you need not buy another at least for a year. Never try to save money on sports shoes. That doesn’t mean you should go in for the most expensive pay either. Try to make a budget and stick to it. You will find many styles and varieties once you go shoe shopping. Pick one that suits your taste, purpose and budget.

Light Weight
Some sports shoes are incredibly heavy because of the material they are made of. While you may feel good in them, after a lot of running or walking in them your feet may hurt. Avoid heavy shoes and stick to light weight sneakers. Light weight sneakers are easier to maintain and workout in.

Not too Tight
It’s true that your shoe will eventually loosen up after wearing it regularly. Yet, never invest in a pair that is too tight. Choose a comfortable pair and if needed wear extra soles and a thicker pair of socks. The tighter the shoe the tighter will be the chances of shoe bites and foot injuries. These tips will help you pick a good pair.