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In our present day lifestyle it is easy for children to reach a stage of obesity. This happens because of the easy access to high-calorie junk food and fast food. It is also an age when both parents are working so have less time to go through the routine of preparing wholesome home meals.

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Getting food from out becomes the easier option. Last but not least is the type of social activity kids enjoy these days and watching TV, or sitting around glued to cell phones. All the above factors could result in your child becoming obese and an unhealthy state of mind, body and appearance.

Personal trainer courses can help you and teach you what you should do to help children from reaching an obese stage? You need to introduce several positive factors both on the activity and food fronts a balance that will help the child with weight loss and grow into a healthy and fit teenager.

When kids are in the toddler stage if on the chubby side, they always draw an air of appreciation. But once they start growing it is essential to ensure that they grow out of the chubby stage and this can be achieved with the right physical activity and food.

On the physical activity front

Most schools have some form of sports in the curriculum for the students to take part in. However this does not ensure that your child will get involved in school sports or fitness courses.

Some children are known to be bookworms and instead of joining in a sport, they prefer to sit in class and study.

So on the school front the child gets no physical benefit. It is then up to the parents to ensure that the child has some form of physical activity outside school hours.

Parents should enrol their kids in some physical-based classes or encourage them to spend an hour each evening taking part in group activities with other children in the neighbourhood. With such regular physical activity the child’s body will burn all unwanted calories and result in positive weight loss.

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On the food front

Whatever the situation on the home front and both parents working etc. it is important that children be given the right type of food. They should be served a diet of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean protein such as chicken, fish, legumes etc.

Food items containing heavy calories – sweets, ice-creams, soft drinks etc. – can lead to obesity as coupled with the child’s lack of physical activity it may not be sufficient to burn excess calories. So from a young age children should be encouraged to eat a healthy diet, and the given high-protein items only as intermittent treats.

Family activities

It is a good idea to indulge in family physical activities like going for long walks or cycle rides; inter-acting with the children in the local playground; swimming at the club pool etc. Such activities prove helpful when there are no neighbouring children around for your kids to interact with. It will also help parents to keep fit and enjoy some leisure time with the children before they are ready to fly out of the family’s nest.


Just as weight loss and keeping fit are important factors for adults, it is equally important for children. Once the child reaches an obese stage he or she will be subjected to not only bouts of ill health, on the social front also the child will face unnecessary negative vibes.